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Tech Virtual Assistant Services That Bring In Recurring Revenue

If you’ve been lurking around the online work world you’ve probably come across the role of a Virtual Assistant. 

Virtual Assistants are service providers who work remotely and help businesses with all sorts of tasks, such as admin work, answering emails, handling travel arrangements, and calendar management.

They can also offer more specialized services, like content creation, social media, customer service, or more technical skills.

Now, when we talk about a Tech Virtual Assistant, we’re talking about VA’s that specialize in one or more tech-related tasks

But in this blog post, I’m going to get even more specific and not only share services you can offer as a tech VA, but also services that’ll bring in recurring revenue (and if you’re not sure why this is important for any business, even when you’re just starting out, then check out this blog post).

Top Tech Virtual Assistant Services for Recurring Revenue

Social Media Management

A strong social media presence is a must in today's digital world. 

Tech virtual assistants can provide ongoing services that ensure businesses maintain an active online presence. 

  • Content Creation and Scheduling: create and schedule engaging posts, graphics, and videos tailored for social media.
  • Community Management: interact with the online community by responding to comments, answering queries, and managing any negative feedback or reviews. You can also engage with users by liking and sharing relevant posts.
  • Analytics Tracking and Reporting: track the performance of social media posts and campaigns, gathering data on metrics like reach, engagement, followers growth, etc. You’d analyze this data to generate reports that provide insights into the effectiveness of the social media strategy.
  • Social Media Advertising: create, manage, and optimize ad campaigns on platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, or Twitter. You’d be handling targeting, budgeting, and A/B testing to maximize ROI.
  • Competitor Analysis and Trend Spotting: monitor competitors' social media activities and stay updated with the latest trends and algorithm. You’d be providing valuable insights and recommendations for strategy improvements. This can help businesses stay competitive and relevant in their social media presence.

They also engage with followers and monitor analytics, providing insights into what's working and what needs improvement.

Email Marketing

Email remains a powerful tool for reaching and engaging with customers. 

  • Email Content Creation and Design: create engaging and relevant content for email campaigns - compelling copy, designing eye-catching layouts, and integrating visuals that align with the brand's identity.
  • Subscriber List Management: manage the email subscriber list, which includes adding new subscribers, updating existing information, and segmenting the list to enable personalized communication.
  • A/B Testing: two of an email campaign to test the effectiveness of different elements (like subject lines, call to actions, or content layout). By analyzing the results, you can determine which version resonates better with the audience.
  • Performance Analysis and Reporting: track key metrics such as open rates, click-through rates, and conversion rates, so you can analyze the performance of email campaigns. This data can then be used to create detailed reports and provide insights on what's working and areas for improvement.
  • Automation and Drip Campaigns: set up automated email sequences, also known as drip campaigns, that are triggered based on specific actions or timelines. This ensures a consistent and personalized engagement with subscribers, which can lead to better conversion rates.

Website Maintenance and Updates

Websites are the digital storefronts of businesses, so it’s a super valuable service to offer. 

  • Regular Updates: ensure that all website content, including blog posts, product listings, and company information, remains up-to-date. This also includes updating the website's design elements to keep it fresh and engaging.
  • Performance Monitoring: regularly check the website's loading speed, mobile responsiveness, and overall performance. If any issues are detected, you’d work to resolve them so users have a good browsing experience.
  • Security Checks: conduct regular security checks to protect the website from threats like malware or hacking attempts. This includes ensuring that all security plugins and software are up-to-date.
  • SEO Optimization: monitor and optimize the website for search engines. This includes updating SEO metadata, improving site structure, and ensuring keyword-rich content to increase the website's visibility on search engine results pages.
  • Website Analytics and Reporting: track and analyze website traffic and user behavior using tools like Google Analytics. You then use this data to create detailed reports that provide insights into the website's performance and areas for improvement.

Tech virtual assistants can handle these tasks, including regular content updates and search engine optimization.

E-commerce Management

Online stores are super popular nowadays, so e-commerce management has become a very in-demand service. 

  • Product Listing and Inventory Management: manage the addition of new products, update existing product listings, and track inventory. This includes handling product descriptions, images, prices, and other relevant details.
  • Order Processing and Fulfillment: oversee the processing of orders, ensuring they are correctly dispatched and delivered. Additionally, you can manage returns and exchanges, ensuring a smooth customer experience.
  • Customer Service: provide timely and effective customer support. This includes answering product-related queries, handling complaints, and resolving issues that may arise during the shopping or post-purchase process.
  • Sales Analysis and Reporting: track and analyze sales data, including identifying best-selling products, peak sales periods, and customer buying patterns. This information can then be used to generate insightful reports and inform business strategies.
  • Website and Shopping Cart Maintenance: ensure that the e-commerce platform is running smoothly, with a fully functional shopping cart and secure checkout process. Regular updates and bug fixes are crucial to maintaining a user-friendly and trustworthy online store.

How to Price and Package Tech Virtual Assistant Services

Pricing is always a complicated subject and packaging your tech virtual assistant services depend on various factors.

Price is something you’ll figure out with time and experience, so the best thing to do is to start with a rate you’re comfortable with and just keep raising your prices with new clients.

In fact, I went from $20/hr to $75/hr in less than six months back when I did client work. I did this gradually, for every new client I’d get I would raise my hourly rate.

As for packages, here are the most common ways of charging:


If you charge hourly, the client is billed based on the number of hours you work x your hourly rate. 

This model provides flexibility and is suitable for tasks that vary significantly in the time they take to complete. 

It can sometimes be difficult to estimate the total cost for the client upfront.


The client pays a set fee, usually monthly, for a predetermined set of services or a specific number of hours. 

This model is great to give you a more predictable income, and also give your clients a better idea of how much they’re going to spend. 

You can give them some updates throughout the month, to make sure they know how much more time you have for them. 

For example, if they have a 20hr retainer, you can give them a heads up when you hit 10 hours.

It’s a good model for long-term projects or ongoing work.

Project-based pricing model

Project-based is my favorite model for the simple fact that it’s not tied to your time. 

You will get faster and more efficient with your work overtime, and if you keep charging hourly you’ll end up working more to make the same amount of money. It’s a very easy way to burn out.

Project pricing can be tricky in the beginning, as you’ll probably not be sure how much work a task will actually take. 

But with time and experience, you’ll get better at those projections, and projects will end up balancing each other out. 

Building Long-Term Client Relationships & Recurring Revenue

Client relationship is a super important factor in business. Learning how to build your network will make growing your business way more fun.

It’s important to review and adjust your services based on client feedback, and also listen to what they need. 

Upselling and cross-selling additional services to current clients is way easier than getting new ones. So if you can expand your skillset (or maybe even hire help) you’ll be able to help them with more services and therefore increase your recurring revenue stream. 

Remember, trust is crucial - it's built through transparency, reliability, and consistently delivering high-quality service.

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