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GeekPack® Partners

What is GeekPack®

GeekPack is on a mission to help women achieve economic independence through digital & tech skills training

We are achieving that mission through our online learning platform that uniquely combines industry-leading digital skills training with our in-house, supportive learning environment that makes success practically inevitable for our members.

What is the GeekPack® Partners program & who is it for?

GeekPack Partners is the perfect fit for Economic and Workforce Development Organizations. We’ve identified a significant unmet need that many of them face: They have the mission to offer digital skills training to their communities, but a lack of resources to do so quickly and effectively.

Enter: GeekPack Partners.

Through this new partner program, organizations can “plug into” our e-learning infrastructure and give their communities access to our platform. We’ll set up custom learning cohorts for each partner inside our highly supportive community-based learning infrastructure. Our innovative approach to e-learning integrates community support into the self-directed study process, which makes us ideal for efficient, long-lasting skill development.

Live Cohorts

Through Live Cohorts (our GeekPack-led study groups) we can:
  • Provide accountability
  • Facilitate discussions about the material
  • Help members put the skills to work in real life
  • Transform the highly individualized process of online learning into a communal one
This “learning with a group” element is how we reduce isolation and make student retention and course completion significantly more likely than in any other e-learning environment.

Udemy Business & Learning Paths

Partner organizations can choose from our robust library of digital skills training (provided by Udemy Business) and we can then create custom, GeekPack-led study groups specific to each partner and its goals.

The Udemy Business course catalog is vast, with more than 19,000 courses. GeekPack trims it down to tech and digital skills and within that smaller scope, we present highly specific learning paths and single-course cohorts with a live learning element.

Our learning paths are basically a “shortcut” to the catalog, eliminating overwhelm and helping our members make quick, informed decisions about which topics and courses to study.

We also focus on putting these skills into practice quickly and in the real world of business with clients and customers.

Partner with GeekPack


We’ve already established our first partnership, with the Wyoming Women’s Business Center (WWBC)

Through this partnership, WWBC is granting 6 weeks of GeekPack membership to its community, and we are providing custom learning cohorts for WWBC members to learn specific, WWBC-selected digital marketing skills.

Why learn digital skills?

The world is becoming more digitally oriented every day.

The skills we teach are no longer nice-to-haves; they are a critical component to economic success and financial well-being.

Countless organizations are working to close the digital skills gap in their communities, but they’re hindered by the monumental size of the task.

Why GeekPack?

We can make it easier for Economic and Workforce Development Organizations to advance their mission and fulfill their charters in ways that truly serve their communities for the long run.

For most e-learning companies, high student retention and completion rates are like the Holy Grail intensely sought after but really hard to get.

GeekPack cracked the code for both, and it comes down to one thing: community.

“Adults are more likely to persist in their education when strong social supports are present, so programs that include mentoring will be more successful. As with all learning experiences, community counts. Learning tech skills shouldn’t be done in a vacuum.”
- Promoting Digital Literacy for Adult Learners

At GeekPack, we create a learning environment built on community support – the necessary foundation for successful online learning.

Partner with GeekPack

Benefits of the GeekPack Partners Program

  • Custom Skills Cohort
  • Live Cohort Leader for the chosen Learning Path
  • Live training (with replays available), support & accountability
  • Private Community for any additional questions, requests, support, & engagement
  • Access to a robust library of online coursework (+19,000 Udemy courses)

What sets us apart from other e-learning platforms is our live element, which includes topic-specific group cohorts led by the GeekPack team.

Partner with GeekPack

The new partner program allows established organizations to make use of our highly successful learning infrastructure.

Online learning is great in theory, but between the overwhelm and the isolation, it’s a losing proposition.

GeekPack empowers women to achieve economic independence by providing digital skills training without the isolation.

Online courses are a dime a dozen, but GeekPack is the only e-learning platform that combines industry-leading skills training with an in-house, supportive learning environment that makes success practically inevitable for our members.

GeekPack Partners
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