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Is A Tech Career Right For You? 7 Reasons It’s The Perfect Role For Me And Might Be For You Too!

If you had told me years ago that I would end up in a career involving tech skills I would have said you were crazy. 

Growing up I was the only girl in my family, sandwiched between two highly intelligent brothers. They were into computers, video games, and all the tech related things. 

Somewhere along the way I convinced myself that I could never do anything tech related since that was my brothers fortes, not mine. 

Fast forward and here I am in a tech career, supporting online business owners. I now recognize what a perfect fit this role is for me. 

While tech-related careers often draw certain types of personalities (or genders!), anyone with the right traits, skills or motivations can excel in this field. 

Read on to find out why tech is the perfect career for me and how it could be for you too.

A career in tech may be for you if… 

You love learning

The mantra “the best is yet to come” has been a guiding principle in my life. 

I know that I am continuously learning, reflecting and growing as part of my journey. Similarly, tech is constantly evolving. It seems like day by day there are new features, platforms, or tools available to run an online business. 

This means ongoing education, so you can stay up to date and best serve your clients. For me, this is exciting and ensures that I can’t possibly ever get bored!

Potential Tech Focus: Any area of tech! 

Helping others lights you up

Coming from a previous career in healthcare, I’ve always had a strong desire to help people. 

Landing in a tech support career I was thrilled to have the realization that my “helping” now just looks a little bit different than it did before. There are so many people out there who struggle with the tech or backend of their business and supporting them to help their business grow and succeed is so rewarding.

Potential Tech Focus: Any area of tech! 

You prefer to be a “behind the scenes” person

I wouldn’t call myself shy necessarily, but I’m just not someone that enjoys being the center of attention. I do love and appreciate being a part of a bigger mission or goal. 

Designing a client’s website, setting up their systems, automating checkout processes, and so many other tech tasks are integral to a successful business. Without having your name or face plastered anywhere, your effective completion of these tasks tasks help push businesses forward. 

Potential Tech Focus: Any area of tech! 

You love puzzles or other mental challenges

I LOVE a good puzzle and always have. 

Jigsaw puzzles, logic puzzles, word puzzles - you name it and I love them. Quite a bit in the role of supporting online business owners with their tech can be like a puzzle. 

Each business owners “tech stack” (the online platforms & tools that they use) can be quite different and navigating how they all work together can be like one big puzzle. Similarly, when building a website you or your client may have a vision of how you want certain elements, sections or pages to look. 

Figuring out how to achieve this vision can really put your brain to the test (in the best way possible!). Figuring out that ONE line of code to make the magic happen is priceless

Potential Tech Focus: Systems, Integration & Automation, Website Design

You excel at the details

Details are so important when it comes to many areas of tech. 

I personally am a dot the i’s and cross the t’s kind of girl, using checklists and master lists to break down big ideas into smaller ones without missing a single crumb. 

This comes in handy for example when organizing and designing a website. 

From the written presentation - making sure the main idea or message is portrayed and all the details are provided both on the backend for SEO, as well as on the frontend for a great user experience. 

To the visual presentation - ensuring branding is cohesive throughout and the placement of graphics or copy contributes to the overall flow and tone. 

Potential Tech Focus: SEO, Analytics, Website Development & Design

You enjoy being creative

I’ve always enjoyed art and secretly (I guess now not so secretly) have considered careers like interior design or opening a women’s boutique. 

Enter opportunities to flex my creative muscles - website and sales funnel design and development - basically design and creativity on a smaller scale than interior design or curating a whole boutique of clothing!  

Similarly though, creative tech tasks or careers (like website design) have a tangible result. There’s nothing like looking at a full website build and thinking “Wow, I built that and it looks freaking awesome.” 

Potential Tech Focus: Website Design, Video Editing

You like identifying & mitigating issues before they start

Oh hey there, just my Enneagram 6 self showing it’s face. 

I naturally and instinctively attempt to identify any potential issues that could occur and prepare for them. This can be stressful, but it’s fantastic for my clients and I’ve heard their gratitude on many occasions. 

“No big deal, we’ll just execute the backup plan.”

Potential Tech Focus: Cybersecurity, Systems

Is tech right for you?

There are so many other personality traits, skills, motivators, and other factors not mentioned here though, that can make someone a great candidate for a career in tech.

The ones mentioned are just part of my story. 

Maybe some of them resonated with you and maybe some of them did not. 

Regardless, the awesome thing about tech is that there are many different areas and opportunities that can pull upon your unique strengths and translate into a rewarding tech career. 

Join our strong community of 37,000 women who are making their dreams a reality through empowering skills training.

All you need to do is dive in to learn more and figure out what you like best. I know I am so glad that I did. 

Check out this awesome GeekPack resource  “Top 10 Tech Skills Online Business Owners Pay Top Dollar For” to find out more about specific areas of tech that are much needed and *bonus* pay well!

Sara Sovie
Tech Strategy & Design Services
Sara Sovie is a Tech Strategist that works with course creators, online coaches, and small business owners. When she's not helping these professionals untangle their tech you can find her chasing her two kiddos, snuggling with her rescue dog, Lexie, or enjoying an oatmilk latte. Sara is a proud member of GeekPack and she can assist her clients with website design, email marketing, automations, and more.
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