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GeekPack® Match

FREE 5-page website for nonprofits

How to apply to the GeekPack® Match Program:

Step 1:

Read, understand, and agree to the aim, scope & 'what you'll provide' as outlined below.

Step 2:

Fill out the form below and if we feel you're a suitable match, your submission will be distributed to the GeekPack® Community and interested web developers will reach out to you directly.

Step 3:

You will choose a web developer to work with.

Aim of the program

The GeekPack® Match Program aims to bring together new web developers who need real-life experience building a website with non-profits who have zero budget for a website.

What's Included for FREE

  • WordPress installation + setup with a pre-selected theme
  • Hosting account setup assistance (if needed)
  • Website hooked up to your domain name
  • A website of no more than 5 pages
  • Installation and activation of necessary free plugins, including security and backups
  • Customization of your brand colors and equivalent Google Font
  • Creation of personalized contact form delivered to your designated email
  • Primary navigation menu setup
  • Sidebar design + (3) sidebar elements
  • Social media integration

What YOU Will Provide


Branding, including logo, colors, fonts, etc.

  • If you need logo help, check out Canva
  • If you need color help, check out Coolors
  • If you need font help, check out Google Fonts


Must be submitted in a larger size, at least 2000px width at 300ppi .psd, .jpg or .png; logo must be sized at least 1000px wide as a transparent .png

  • For copyright-free images, check out Pixabay


Text for the website.


Previous GeekPack® Match Program Websites

Apply for GeekPack® Match

GeekPack Match

Please note the GeekPack Match program is for nonprofits only. If you are interested in hiring one of our tech professionals for a paid job please head to the Hire a Geek page and this will be shared across our community.

Disclaimer: Every developer is a completely independent business. The responses you will get from this form does NOT mean a direct endorsement from either Julia Taylor or the GeekPack® brand. You will work directly with the web developer. 

Anything other than a new 5-page WordPress website (including updates/edits to an existing site, website maintenance, SEO, eCommerce, copywriting, branding) can be included in this program for a fee. Please continue to fill out the application and a member of our team will discuss your requirements further.
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