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Need help with your website?

We have a community of over 3600 trained and ready web developers of all skill levels and in locations around the world ready to help make your website dreams a reality.

Our students skills & abilities include:

  • Build sites 100% from scratch
  • Customize premium WordPress themes
  • Troubleshoot through issues
  • Migrate WordPress sites between hosting providers
  • Keep your website up to date
  • Take full website backups
  • Perform security checks
  • Clean up malware
  • Optimize your site for speed
  • Give you reliable advise about your website
  • Perform website audits
  • Give existing websites a facelift
  • Develop eCommerce sites, blogs, membership sites, portfolios, business websites & more!

Recommended pay scale (USD)

Low end

$20-$30/hr for new web developers

Mid level

$35-$50/hr for our more experienced web developers

High end

$50/hr+ for our highest level of web developer

How this works

Step 1:

Complete and submit the form below

Step 2:

Your information and job description will be passed on to our group of 3,600+ web developers in our weekly email that goes out every Thursday.

Step 3:

Developers who are interested in the job will apply

Step 4:

You will select a developer to work with

Fill out the form below so that we can get you started with a ROCKSTAR web developer!

Hire a Rockstar
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