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"I need help empowering myself with a work-from-anywhere lifestyle..."

You’re a dreamer and you can describe in great detail what you would do every day if you were location independent. But how to choose the right path for your journey? Join the FREE Facebook Community, Screw the Commute, for weekly remote job postings, weekly live coaching, support, and encouragement from fellow freedom-seekers.

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"I need help empowering myself with an in-demand tech skill..."

You’re a high achiever and you know you are capable of more than what you’re doing today. Why not give coding a try? Even if you've never looked at code before, you should check out the FREE 5-Day Coding Challenge. I'll guide you through, step-by-step, building a two-page website (entirely from scratch)!
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You’re passionate about serving business owners and you want to create a greater impact WITHOUT increasing your hours. Check out the FREE WordPress Workshop and discover how you can confidently double, triple, or even quadruple your hourly rate!

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"I need help empowering my kids to build brighter futures..."

You’re a visionary and you know that tech is going to be in your kids’ futures. Help them learn critical thinking and problem-solving skills that will empower them to take on the world! Join over 2,000 families learning the fun way to code inside the GeekPack® Create & Code Camp!
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Aly's {Story}

Since I’ve started Julia’s course in March 2020, I quit my job in November of 2020 and about to hit my first 10k month!! ($7491 in websites). This group has changed my LIFE!!
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Casey's {Story}

1 month ago I was fooling around with free page builders. I booked my first EVER paying client yesterday!!! 1k initial and $300/monthly for 12 months.
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Erin's {Story}

Every month I feel like I hit a new milestone! Just sent a proposal for over $2500. My goal was to quit my full-time office job in 2 years… Now look at me!
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Michaela's {Story}

There is a huge market for WP web development and my ability to code is actually gonna help me stand out
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FREE Resource: 148 Discovery Call Questions for Website Clients

If the butterflies in your stomach are taking over your discovery calls, download our free PDF to help you overcome your fears, clarify your conversation, and land your next client.
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GeekPack® Match

The GeekPack® Match Program aims to bring together nonprofits (with no budget for a website) with new web developers (who want real-world, hands-on experience).  You MUST be a nonprofit organization in order to qualify for the GeekPack® Match Program. To learn more about the scope of the program and how to apply, please go here:
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