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GeekPack® is on a mission to empower women to make their dreams a reality through community-supported skills training.

Where you'll learn the secret to being a booked out Tech Va, Tech Strategist or Marketing Maven!


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"I'm not sure where to even start..."

Join our FREE community where you can learn new skills and how to start (or grow) a successful online business with support from like-minded people!

Whether starting your own online business or looking for remote jobs, we’re here to help!

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"I'm not sure what I can do as a Tech VA (or Tech Strategist)..."

Check out our FREE On-Demand Masterclass "How To Become A Sought-After Tech VA with a Pipeline Full of Leads & Lucrative Projects".

Learn how you can charge double, never worry about your skill or expertise, and pick your best leads to bring on as clients!

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"I'm ready to make my dreams a reality and learn digital skills with a supportive community..."

The GeekPack Collective is a monthly membership where you master in-demand, money-making digital skills in minutes. Line up some dreamy gigs, build awesome shiz for clients, quit that soul-sucking 9 to 5. And seriously build a career (and life) you love!

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"I'm ready to start my own online business building websites..."

WP Rockstar is the Ultimate Training for Website Building (a la WordPress) + Community + Business Badassery... Even if you suck at math and tech, or think you’re too old! WP Rockstar is NOT a DIY course! It's a Do It Together course. Get ready for a step-by-step training roadmap, so you can get your first (or next) website client within 90 days.

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Happy Students

Heather's {Story}

The coaching access in The GeekPack Collective helped Heather change her title and raise her prices

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Amber's {Story}

Became a Tech Unicorn by combining automation and web development

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Tricia's {Story}

Got the location and financial independence she was looking for, and it all started with GeekPack® and WP Rockstar

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Casey's {Story}

  • First $1k client in less than a month
  • Quit her job and started her agency in less than a year

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FREE Resource: Top 10 Tech Skills Online Business Owners Pay Top Dollar For

Discover The Top 10 Tech Skills Online Business Owners Pay Top Dollar For in 2024 & Future-Proof Your Income Against Client Feast or Famine, Economic Trends, and the AI Revolution.

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GeekPack® Match

The GeekPack® Match Program aims to bring together nonprofits (with no budget for a website) with new web developers (who want real-world, hands-on experience).  You MUST be a nonprofit organization in order to qualify for the GeekPack® Match Program. To learn more about the scope of the program and how to apply, please go here:
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