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5 Reasons Why More Women Should Be Empowered To Get Into Tech

Most data shows that despite all of the strides women have been making in the tech sector, they still only make up about one-third of the tech workforce. There are many reasons why women are not choosing to build careers in tech, but there are also many reasons why women should be empowered to get into tech. Here are my five biggest reasons why I believe women should pursue the career of their dreams in tech.

1. Tech is Versatile 

The word “tech” encompasses so many different aspects of technology that it is not limited to being a software engineer or web developer. You may start off learning to code or learning how to build a computer from scratch, or maybe you’re more interested in data analytics. 

Beyond this, you might be interested in project management or talent acquisition, both of which are necessary positions in the tech industry.

Tech is versatile and wide-ranging with the many options it provides to women.

You don’t have to dedicate yourself to only one area of tech, as many positions combine talents and interests. Unlike many other fields, tech careers are flexible and versatile in the long run.

If you still don’t know what you want to be when you ‘grow up’, tech is an ideal career choice because it gives you the opportunity to be versatile, change your mind, explore other options, and ultimately discover what it is that lights you up.

2. Tech is One of The Highest Paying Sectors

A recent 2021 report showed that almost 40% of women in tech plan on leaving their jobs within the next 2 years. While gender bias plays a role in the decisions women are making, it also sends a clear message to tech companies that women are demanding more equality overall, especially in pay and recognition. 

The widening gender gap in the tech field means there is a growing skills shortage, which increases the amount of pay companies are willing to give. With tech salaries already being some of the highest in the nation, this places many women in better positions to negotiate higher wages. 

If you’re uncomfortable or unhappy with the idea of entering the professional workforce, freelancing in tech is still a viable option for anyone looking for work-life balance while still building a highly profitable career in tech. When you have your own freelance tech business, you get to decide how much you charge per hour or per project, and there are plenty of people willing to pay through the nose for someone just like you to solve their tech problems!

3. Tech Produces Impactful Work

When many women think of working in tech, they may think of coding and building computers. However, tech careers can still be incredibly impactful to the world around you. Every company, both big and small, needs workers familiar with tech in some way. From web developers to tech virtual assistants, even non-profits need help in the tech industry. The versatility of the tech field means you can choose work that is most meaningful to you. 

If you’re passionate about helping dog shelters, for instance, you can focus on this field to utilize your skills while doing work that is meaningful to you. Creating their app, maintaining their website, or building database systems for animals are all examples of tech jobs that can be found in the non-profit sector. 

Focus on finding an area where your tech skills can help make a difference, and you’ll find that tech produces very impactful results and enhances your career satisfaction. We all want to feel that the work we dedicate hours of our lives to each day is making a difference, and with tech, not only can you feel it, but you can see the difference your work can make. 

4. Working in Tech is Flexible 

Due to the nature of tech work in general, flexibility is built into many tech jobs. Tech companies in general understand that sitting behind a computer for 8 hours a day isn’t an ideal way to work or live. With studies now showing that sitting too long increases the likelihood of increased blood pressure, excess body fat, and abnormal cholesterol levels, companies are more invested in the health and wellbeing of their employees. 

The tech industry has many jobs that can be worked remotely, with flexible hours and options to help employees have greater levels of health and wellness overall. For many women, raising children is a part of their daily lives, and with many remote working options now available, they are able to balance work and home life. With higher hourly or salary rates, they can work fewer hours than they would in a lesser skilled position.

Working less, earning more, and having the flexibility to balance everything else in your busy life sounds too good to be true… But this is the way the tech sector is going and a huge reason that more women should be empowered to pursue careers in tech! 

5. Tech Education Doesn’t Cost a Fortune

Gone are the days when expensive private schooling tuition was necessary to build a career in tech. One of the biggest advantages of choosing IT as a career is the low cost of education. From free certifications through Google and low-cost certifications through Microsoft, you can choose almost any area to specialize in, with many courses being offered virtually. 

You no longer need a 4-year degree to become a tech professional in today’s market. You can get excellent training for very little money, and still get the necessary certifications to prove your skills to potential employers. Additionally, certifications are typically the only thing standing in between your current position and your next promotion. You can learn on your own time, finish at your own pace, and decide for yourself when you want to advance in your tech career. 

When you freelance in the tech industry, no one wants to see a CV. They want to see portfolios and examples of what you can do. You could be completely self-taught with no formal qualifications and still make $100+ per hour. 

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