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4 Free WordPress Themes For Incredible Websites (even if you’re on a budget)

Perhaps the most exciting part about creating a new website is picking a beautiful theme that will form the base of the site. There are so many themes to choose from but the good news is, you don’t need to pay for a premium theme to have a beautiful website. There are thousands of free WordPress themes available for you to use, but not all free themes are created equal. Today I want to show you four FREE WordPress themes you can start with right now for an incredible website!

Twenty Seventeen

If you go to the WordPress website, there are literally thousands of free WordPress themes for you to browse. You can rest assured that all of these themes have passed WordPress’s quality standard check. This is the first place I would go to look for a free WordPress theme as there are so many great options to choose from without needing to set aside a significant budget. One of the most popular free themes is Twenty Seventeen. There are nearly a million active installations of Twenty Seventeen, which was the default WordPress theme in 2017. One of the advantages of this theme is the ability to use video or a large image in the header.

It is a simple, classic, beautifully designed theme with minimal difficulty in the setup.

Because this free WordPress theme was developed by WordPress themselves, you can guarantee that it’s going to be regularly updated which is a huge benefit for your website's security. As well as the header video feature, this theme boasts other great functionalities such as widgetized front page sections for easy customization, social menus, and an asymmetrical grid with custom colors. This theme was developed with a focus on business sites which makes it a great choice for a wide variety of businesses.


A second popular free WordPress theme is Astra, which is suitable for a blog or even an online marketplace created with WooCommerce. If you are selling products online, Astra could be an ideal choice for you. With over a million active installations, Astra is a very light option for faster loading times for your website. Like many other free WordPress themes, it is fully customizable to suit your personal business needs.

With Astra’s pre-built website templates you can get your website up and running quickly and easily without needing to customize it with code. Every aspect of Astra themes are easily customizable. From colors and typography to layout settings and header options, you will be able to customize the theme and create a site that is unique to you and your brand. An added bonus is Astra’s compatibility with Gutenberg and it offers the most extensive collection of free themes for Gutenberg.


Another popular free theme option for WooCommerce is Storefront. With a responsive design and fast loading times, Storefront is a great option for any one running an online marketplace and selling products through WordPress. Because it was designed and developed by WooCommerce, you can rest assured that it will work seamlessly alongside WooCommerce itself and many of the most popular WooCommerce extensions.

This free theme gives you multiple options when it comes to layout, color schemes, and widgets so that you can personalize your online store experience. With over 5 million downloads, this accessibility ready theme is a great free WordPress theme option for anyone looking to start selling their products online.


For a website that utilizes lots of media, ColorMag is exactly what it sounds like -- a magazine-like theme that supports media publishing. Whether it’s photography, video, blogs, newspapers, magazines, or a combination of all of them, ColorMag is a beautifully simple layout with a seamless design. ColorMag also has the capability of holding large amounts of content.

This free theme by ThemeGrill is the most popular magazine style theme as it comes search engine optimized and optimized for speed. It also offers a variety of ways to customize the look of your website with advanced color and typography options and custom widgets. If you want to add a store to your magazine website, ColorMag also supports WooCommerce integration.

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Whichever free WordPress theme you choose to go with, you can always update or change your website’s theme later down the line. As your business grows, you might find that your needs exceed that of a free theme. Picking a free theme from WordPress will give you a good base on which to start building your website. With the thousands of options available, set aside some time to browse through the themes and decide which one is going to best suit the needs of your website, both now and in the future.

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