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What Our Students Have to Say...

So grateful to be a part of this extremely empowering,
extremely authentic and extremely motivating group of individuals.

I have been so busy building online presences for all my clients, I still have yet to build my own. One thing I have built for myself is my confidence level as a business owner, a web developer/designer and a digital marketer.

And it's all due to the support of this group and it's truly genuine creator.
~ Casey Volk
Read Casey's case study here.
I love seeing all the success in this group, it makes my day!
I wanted to give a little update about my business.

Since I started Julia’s course in March 2020, I quit my job in November 2020 and am about to hit my first $10k month!! ($7491 in websites). This group has changed my LIFE!! Now, I get to help agriculture business owners change their busi ness/life by taking their marketing to the next level.
~ Aly Robins
Read Aly's case study here.
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I am making enough of an income as a WordPress developer to support my family
I just want to share with you that exactly one year ago today, I registered my freelance business, six months after I started WP Rockstar. So it is my first business anniversary.

Others in this group have become financially secure faster than me, and others will take longer than me. It doesn't matter at the end, you will make it happen if you try your best.
~ Hacer Yilmaz
I joined WP Rockstar® + GeekPack® and knew IMMEDIATELY I’d found my tribe.
In less than 2 weeks I landed my first client (after changing my title on Instagram to ‘WordPress Developer’...which scared the bejesus out of me) and 1 week later I made back my full investment in the program! 

The GeekPack® Community is worth its weight in gold.  I would have paid three times what I did for just the community support… it’s been the most invaluable piece of the whole program. If you’re on the fence, just do it! 

Life is too short. It will be the best money you ever spend. Julia and her team are absolutely fantastic!”
~ Jenn Gustafson

You have so much potential inside of you, as do these happy students... 

listen to their stories

Joining GeekPack® changed our business and our lives!
 We now go forward with confidence in everything we have learned in GeekPack® trainings, knowing we have the GeekPack® Team behind us, AND a supportive group of other Geekers just waiting to help and celebrate in everything we do. 

Our business has more than doubled!! We will never be able to thank Julia or the GeekPack® enough for the way our business is growing everyday!
~ Nancy Friday & Missi Amos Hatfield
I can only feel nothing but gratefulness
for the timing of things and most importantly to everybody here, for always being very helpful and generous of your knowledge. 

Sometimes it can get overwhelming, especially when excitement is on overdrive. But knowing that we have solid support here in this group, makes it all feel alright. 

You guys are Rockstars and I draw my inspiration from all of you! 
~ Czarina Danielle Yap
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to say...
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I got back my investment in WP Rockstar® + GeekPack® in less than 6 weeks 
by following the advice from one of the guest experts in the Expert Content Vault taught… my first client I charged $700 and 2 weeks later I charged my second client $850. I remember my third client because I said to myself “I’m gonna be daring... I’m gonna charge her $1,997" and she agreed! 

The GeekPack® Community makes me feel supported, loved, cared for... you name it! They surround you with encouragement. 

I would highly recommend WP Rockstar + GeekPack® a thousand times over because it’s such a very special program and I like the way Julia empowers females.
~ Lindah Mavave
Every month I feel like I hit a new milestone!
Just sent a proposal for my first project over $2500.

It's quite amazing! I am so thankful for this group and the GeekPack® team. Seriously, I am forever grateful that I stumbled across this group!

My goal was to quit my full-time office job in 2 years… Now look at me!
~ Erin Marie Jenkins
Read Erin's case study here.

Still not sure?

I don't know how to code
Will I find clients?
Can I really do this?
I don't want to do it alone

#findingclientschallenge So I just posted about my website build that I posted here yesterday over on LinkedIn and someone just asked me if I was building websites and now much I charge! Eek, I said yes and asked how many pages. EEK! Once I hear back, I may pick some brains as I’ve been crafting a pricing sheet from all of the valuable advice here, but it all still…feels. so. new. Just wanted to share. Put yourself out there. It’s frightening, but thrilling lol.

Mary McKinley

One of my long term clients (not for web design) surprised me with a macbook air in my mail today! I still can’t believe it! Since I moved to the US, Ive just been using my husband’s 8 year laptop and I was just thinking how it would be nice to have a more updated one once I start working on Julia’s modules (I skipped to module 10 and the bonus+expert content vault).

Rhodaline Escala-Phelps

I’m a day late, but not a dollar short (this time)! I landed my first project- $10k contract!!!

Shelly Scanlan

Think I might have landed myself some occasional work
My daughters ex fling (19yo) is a web developer for a company I learnt from ten years ago – his supervisor taught me the basics.
He saw my Facebook the other week and offered to help with any questions I might ever have which was great – then said he’d possibly be able to send some copywriting work my way – hadn’t heard any more but wasn’t worried.
Today he’s asked if I could help him with a logo he’s stuck on and has asked if I use figma. I’d heard of it but nothing else but still answered “I’ve not used it yet but always open to learning new products”. OMG! I better learn fast.
Thank you GeekPack. Two months ago I would have said no!

Susan Escott
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