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How This Goal Setting Strategy Got Me My Dream Home

What does goal setting have to do with my robe and my boots?

Before we even start talking about goals (or setting goals or identifying your goals) you need to take a step back. Go a bit deeper, and really figure out where those goals are coming from. So the very first thing you need to do is ‘identifying your why’.

WHY are you even setting goals in the first place?

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Identify Your Why

To identify your why means to understand the main reason a particular goal is so important to you. 

For example, let’s say your goal is to work remotely. Your why can be:

  • Location independence
  • Financial independence
  • Travel the world
  • Stay home with your kids

There are so many benefits to remote work, so your WHY could be anything.

Take some time here to think about your WHY and what you want your dream life to look like.

To help you get closer to your goals, I've got four questions for you. I want you to think about each one before moving on to the next.

What is one thing that is going really well that you want to continue doing in the next few months?

  • Maybe you're killing it on social media.
  • Or you’ve been taking the weekends off and getting a really good work-life balance. 
  • Or maybe you’ve been dedicating one day a week to going out for a hike. 

It can be anything, personal or business-related. What is ONE thing that’s going really well that you want to continue going? Write it down.

What is one thing that you are just starting to do that you want to grow in the next few months? 

  • Maybe you started a blog, you're really enjoying it and you want to keep doing that. 
  • Maybe you have just started doing YouTube videos and want to invest more time in that.
  • Or maybe you’ve just started letting people know what you do and putting yourself out there. 

What is ONE thing you just started doing that you want to continue to develop? Write it down.

What is one thing that is NOT going well that you do not want to continue over the next few months? 

This is a hard one, probably the hardest one for me. And that’s because there are a lot of things that are not going well and I don't want to continue. 

But it’s not always easy to let go of things. After all, you’ve started them for a reason! So you keep going, you keep plodding along…

It’s really important to realize when something is taking away your time and not giving you results. So take some time to think about this.

What is ONE thing that is NOT going well that you don’t want to continue doing? Write it down.

What is your critical number? 

I want you to set realistic goals, that are achievable, measurable, and also goals that are in line with your WHY. In line with what's working and what's not working.

So before we actually get into goal setting, it’s time to think about your critical number. And again, this can be anything:

  • It could be the amount of money that you want to make each month. 
  • It could be an end-of-year revenue goal. 
  • It could be the number of clients that you want to have between now and three months from now.

What is your critical number? Write it down.

Let’s Set Goals!

When we start setting goals, I'm going to use the example of making an extra $1,000 per month.

And I’ll do that in a context I'm familiar with:

  • Starting a business
  • Website services
  • Tech services
  • Coding
  • Troubleshooting

I want you to set three big goals that will get you to that critical number. And it’s very important that those goals are:

  1. Measurable
  2. Attainable
  3. Realistic
  4. Specific

To make an extra thousand dollars a month, you need a couple of things. 

You need clients, and you also need to figure out what your offer is

Let's break those down!

Your who

The first goal is to figure out who you want to be working with.

And a lot of people refer to this as finding your ‘Ideal Client Avatar’

You could get really really specific or you can keep it super broad. It’s entirely up to you. If you have experience in something and you want to use that, you totally can. 

Maybe you worked in a medical office, maybe you worked for a lawyer, maybe you worked in the beauty industry and that's what you want to focus on.

Awesome niche down to that!

OR maybe you are just thinking, I don't know who my ideal client is. Can I just say small business? 

Yes, of course you can. You can absolutely just say small business. 

Who is your ideal client? Write it down.

  1. H3 Where to find your ideal client

Number two, let's now figure out where those people are and how to find them. So, if you niched down to, say, doctor's offices or if you said, I just want to work with small businesses, great.

With either of those, you can use Google Maps to find your potential clients.

Seriously, I'm not even kidding (I did a whole video on that, you can check it out here).

Now, if you want to work with online business owners, awesome. Then go where they are.

More than likely they're going to be somewhere like Facebook or Instagram or maybe even TikTok.

But you can absolutely find clients using social media. Facebook groups are actually a fantastic way to find online business owners as clients. 

Your offer

The third goal, all of these leading to you making an extra thousand dollars a month, is to figure out what your offer is. 

So what are you going to present to these potential clients when you find them?

You can offer services like:

  • A set number of hours to help them with their website for a certain amount of money. 
  • A website audit. 
  • You could do a simple review. Is it mobile optimized? Are they showing up on Google? How fast is their website loading? 
  • You could optimize their Google My business profile. 

So many different little things that you could offer to all these potential clients. Things that will add value to them and make you that extra thousand dollars a month.

Getting you to your critical number, which is also getting you closer and closer to your WHY.

My Why: The Benefits of Remote Work

OK, as promised, what does goal setting have to do with my robe and my boots? 


It's my WHY. 

Because of where I live, I get to wear my robe and my boots, and walk around the property any time I want. 

That is my WHY.

It's being able to wander around with Blue, around our property in the middle of the morning on a random workday in my robe and my boots.

It's the flexibility that I have. The freedom to be able to do that and not have to commute, to not have to answer to a boss.

That is my WHY. 

I also love to go camping. I love being out in the middle of nowhere with no Internet connection. It's one of my favorite things ever. 

What Is Your Why?

So, you’ve identified your three big goals. That’s huge! 

You got so much done!

I told you about my WHY, but here's the thing. I figured out my WHY only because I gave myself the opportunity. Because I learned a new skill. 

I never thought that I could be able to do what I'm doing.

Until I started learning the skill that allowed me to work from anywhere and gave me the life I have today. And that skill was learning to code.

And I learned all by myself, completely self-taught in a vacuum with no community. 

But I now know that there are much better ways to learn how to code!

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Learning within a community, that's supportive and encouraging and there along with you to answer all your questions, especially if you're brand new. 

So, if you’re ready, we would love to have you join us for our next Live Coding Challenge! It's completely FREE and perfect for beginners!

About the Author:
Some people look at the sky and see stars; others see constellations. Some people look at lines of code and see a website; Julia saw a path to empower women in building their dreams. As a (former) military wife, self-taught web developer, and lover of location independence, Julia has taught over 3,600 women to say “YES” to any WordPress request, but not only that, “YES” to themselves, and “YES” to creating life on their own terms. Empowering women and seeing others succeed is the biggest motivator for Julia. And so, she created a program to teach others the skills that allowed her to take back control of her life and start living on her own terms.
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