What is GeekPack®

Our mission is to empower women to change their lives for the better through the power of code, community & confidence. In GeekPack®, we see every day as a whiteboard where we can draw the dreams of our community and make them real... 

Together. We recognize that every woman does not have access to equal opportunities - especially in STEM careers. Until we all do, our GeekForGeek program exists to help give all women the opportunity to learn how to code and gain in-demand job skills to help them create the career and lifestyle of their dreams.

What is the GeekForGeek program & who is it for?

GeekForGeek is a Grant Program providing women access to the WP Rockstar Program and 6 months membership in the private GeekPack® community. GeekForGeek is for any woman, or any person who identifies as female, non-binary, or gender-nonconforming. We believe ANYONE can learn to code with the right instruction & community.
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Why learn to code?

If you’ve ever felt intimidated by technology, you’re not alone! Technology is everywhere, and it is only expanding every day. Learning to code can help anyone understand and feel more empowered in our constantly changing world. 

It can help increase problem-solving skills, allow you to explore your creative side, and give you an in-demand job skill that will set you apart from the competition in the job market. You can greatly increase your earning potential, or even become a freelancer, set your own schedule, and work from anywhere in the world.

Why WordPress?

Did you know over 40% of all websites on the internet are powered by WordPress? This means A LOT of people have their websites on WordPress, and A LOT of people need help with WordPress! There is an extremely high demand for WordPress experts, creating an abundance of job opportunities in this field. 

There are some phenomenal minds behind WordPress which means it keeps getting better and better! It also means WordPress isn’t going anywhere and the demand for experts is only going to rise in the future.

Benefits of the GeekForGeek program

In the GeekForGeek program, women get access to our complete WP Rockstar course, where they learn how WordPress works, and how to code with in-demand languages such as HTML, CSS, and PHP.

They also get 6 months of membership in our safe, supportive GeekPack® community, where we have a dedicated tech support team to help them in their training.

Other benefits of the GeekPack® community include:

  • Exclusive job opportunities
  • Bi-weekly live coaching
  • Live Q&A sessions
  • Monthly live expert Interviews
  • Live masterclasses and challenges
  • The Weekly Geekly newsletters with the week’s GeekPack® Match and GeekPack® Hire job opportunities
  • and so much more!

Partner with GeekForGeek

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